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Foxes Music's dedicated Choral staff is here to provide you with the best service and selection of sacred and secular music in the area! We have over 50,000 choral music items in our browsing library divided by voicing and special categories like Movies & Musicals, Patriotic, Spirituals, Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, and New Issues. Our organ and handbell music is organized in a similar fashion. We also have a large choral masterworks section, many collections, some hymnals, and we stock choral folders.

If you have any questions regarding our wonderful selection of choral music, please call us at 703.533.7393 extensions 313 and 314 or email us HERE If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll be glad to order items for you. Orders usually take 10-14 days and if you pick your order up, there's no S&H. We can obtain music more quickly with additional S&H charge. We ship music orders to our customers all over the country.

For our customers with choral accounts the regular discount on choral music is 20% except for import items or items from smaller publishers. Don't miss our annual choral music sale during June when you may obtain up to 30% discount on items depending on the quantity ordered with restrictions on foreign and smaller publishers. We will be happy to establish an account for your organization.

If you already have an order in mind you may call us, leave us a voice message, or email us HERE If you would like to send your order using an order form, our choral order form is available for download HERE. Once the order form is printed and completed it may be scanned and emailed, FAXed, or sent via USPS.

We are happy to announce that we now have perusal copies of all Mårten Jansson selections available through Bärenreiter in our browsing library. For more information about Mårten Jansson click HERE. To see the works available, click HERE.

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Voices of Distinction

Explore new sacred and secular choral music for college, community and professional ensembles from Hal Leonard, G. Schirmer, Boosey & Hawkes, and more.

Click HERE to go to the current, online Voices of Distinction promotion where you can view and download a brochure PDF.

Plan Now for Fall 2019 Musicals

We are pleased to help you request your show license for your next middle school musical production from Music Theatre International, R&H Theatricals, and Teatrical Right Worldwide!

Middle School Musicals from MTI, R&H and TRW Click here to view online

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Fall 2019 School Catalog Fall 2018 Catalog

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The Lorenz Corporation

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New Oxford Choral Music for 2019

Listen to new choral music, featuring complete performances of the latest secular, sacred & Christmas music from Oxford's Choral Highlights.

Carus - Celebrate Beethoven with Kyrie based on the Adagio of the so-called "Moonlight Sonata"

Celebrate 250 years of Beethoven with this new publication!


A sacrilege or a stroke of genius? The composer and music director Gottlob Benedict Bierey (1772–1840) orchestrated the first movement of the famous "Moonlight Sonata"' by Beethoven (transposed to C minor) and added a four-part choral movement to it, which he underlaid with the text of the Kyrie from the Latin mass. The result is as astounding as it is harmonious!

Beethoven vocal

Kyrie based on the Adagio of the so-called "Moonlight Sonata"

Available in three versions:

Version for choir and orchestra (C minor)
Coro SATB, 2 Fl, 2 Ob, 2 Clt, 2 Fg, 2 Cor, 2 Vl, Va, Vc, Cb
Text language: Latin

Carus 28.009/00, full score, 15.95 €

perusal score
Carus 28.009/05, choral score, Karo2.50 €
Carus 28.009/19, complete orchestral parts, 23.00 €

Version for choir and piano (C sharp minor)
Coro SATB, Pfte
Carus 28.009/03, vocal score (separate edition from the choral collection Beethoven Carus 4.025/00), 3.50 €

Carus 28.009/06, choral score (at the same time also a choral score for the version for choir and organ), Karo2.50 €

Version for choir and organ (C sharp minor)
Coro SATB, Org
Carus 28.009/45, full score in preparation (publication approx. July 2019)

New Fall 2019 Releases from MorningStar Music Publishers

Click on octavo to see selections.


Christmas Epiphany
Long-Expected Dawn On Christmas Night Thy Strong Word Did Cleave the Darkness

All Saints/

All Souls

General Reformation
Requiem aeternam For Everyone Born A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

MorningStar Music Publishers - Summertime and the singin' is easy

MorningStar Music Publishers

Easy Summer Choir Pieces

For Everyone Born A Universal Blessing Christ Is the Vine Sing with the Spirit: Accessible Anthems for Choirs

View more...

Oxford University Press ACDA Highlights 2019

Click HERE for ACDA 2019 Highlights including John Rutter's "Anthems for all seasons" session.

New Sarah Quartel Octavos & Lent/Easter Titles from Oxford

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MorningStar Music Publishers through Canticle

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March Is Women's History Month, Hal Leonard


Women's History Month 2019 will take place in March. Celebrate the myriad of choral music from top-notch female composers and arrangers available now from Hal Leonard. Add the titles listed below and more to your spring choral concert selections!

https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127408.gif https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127409.gif https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127410.gif https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127407.gif
Exultate! Gloria!
00260499 - 3-Part Mixed
Cantate Domino! Alleluia!
08703170 - SSA

Musica Dei
08745327 - SSA

Red River Dances
08564198 - 2-Part

See more from
Cristi Cary Miller
48023346 - SSA
Heaven Unfolding
48021217 - SA

The Roof
00114501 - SATB

But a Flint Holds Fire
50600826 - Unison
Adagio in G Minor (Agnus Dei)
00267106 - SATB
00156814 - SSA

A New Day
08703268 - SSA

Amani (Peace)
00156312 - 2-Part

See more from
Audrey Snyder
Calypso Gloria
08551514 - SATB
Gloria Alleluia
42307033 - SSA

Gloria Festiva
08551037 - SSA

Now Spring in
All Her Glory
00260534 - 3-Part Treble

https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127411.gif https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127412.gif https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127413.gif https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127415.gif
Tagore's Lost Star
50601113 - SATB
The World Beloved:
A Bluegrass Mass
48019834 - Vocal Score

35031207 - SATB
00144958 - 3-Part Treble
Cradle Hymn
08748860 - 3-Part Treble

Let There Be Love (Janie's Lullabye)
00259464 - 3-Part Treble
If My Voice Had Wings
00268935 - SATB
Stars Tonight
00268947 - SATB

Rush Onward,
Tides of My Soul
00158102 - SSA

See more from
Judith Herrington
Into the Blue
(A Choral Prayer)

00256111 - SATB
Now Close the Windows

024166 - SSAA

Farlorn Alemen
50600799 - SATB

https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127414.gif https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127416.gif https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127417.gif https://www.musicdispatch.com/promoemail/images/userImages/email4761_127418.gif
To Sit and Dream
08711521 - SATB
Ogo ni fun Oluwa!
08703401 - SATB

I Will Sing
00124764 - SATB

See more from
Rosephanye Powell
You Are My Music
00114452 - SSA
Heart, We Will
Forget Him!
08745125 - SSA

Hello, Girls!
08752579 - 2-Part Treble

See more from
Laura Farnell
Oseh Shalom
00261393 - SATB
Discendi, Amor Santo
48023879 - SSAA

Come 'Round Right
50499584 - SATB
Threads of Joy
00267157 - SATB
48023359 - SSAA

The Whole Sea in Motion
50498735 - SATB

Additional Titles by Female Composers







Kathleen Allan
48024229 - Softly There Falls (SATB)

Meredith Bowen
(editor of works by Renaissance women composers)
48023895 - Alma Redemptoris Mater (SA)
48023896 - Miserere Mei Deus (SA)
48024331 - Stabat Mater (SSA)

Elaine Hagenberg
00233903 - As the Rain Hides the Stars (SATB)
08764871 - As the Rain Hides the Stars (SSA)
08764868 - Good Night Love (SSAATTBB)
08764866 - It Is Not Always May (SSATTB)
00153444 - The Lamb (3-Part Treble)
00275058 - Music in the Night (SATB)
50600674 - Oh, Think of Me (SSA)
08765783 - Refuge (SATB)

Kelsey Hohnstein
00255856 - I Am (SSATB)
00154227 - I Am Not Yours (SATB)
00121927 - If You Forget Me (SATB)
00241354 - A Minuet of Mozart's (SSA)
00286160 - My Boy Jack (SATB)

Katherine Hoover
00275468 - Echo (SATB)

Joni Jensen
(Curated Series for SSA)
00285796 - Broken (SSAA)
00254251 - I Celebrate Myself (SSAA)
00252724 - O Boundless, Boundless Evening (SSAA)
00286170 - Out Damned Spot (SSAA)
00250147 - Unsung Saint (SSAA)

Kristen Kuster
35030683 - Volta (SATB)

Suzzette Ortiz
00263214 - Salmo 150 (SATB)

Diane White-Clayton
00285840 - The Birth of a Promise (SATB)
00244978 - Clap Praise (SSATB)

Hyo-Won Woo
00258210 - The Fisherman's Song (TTBB)

Happy Birthday Breitkopf & Härtel

anniversary year!

We were the first in the 18th century, and we want to be the first for you in the future as well.

Let us summarize this aspiration simply and succinctly:

“first in music” – that was and is Breitkopf & Härtel. Since 1719!

New Spring, Lent & Easter 2019 from Hope

Hope Publishing Company

Click HERE for 2019 Spring, Lent & Easter Choral Music

Click HERE for 2019 Spring, Lent & Easter Handbell Music

2019 New Carl Fischer Choral

Carl Fischer 2019 Choral Music

2019 Carl Fischer Chorals

2019 New BriLee Choral

BriLee 2019 Choral Music

2019 BriLee Chorals

Celebrate Black History Month, Hal Leonard

Black History Month 2019 is fast approaching this February! Celebrate Black History Month with choral music from top-notch African American composers and arrangers available now from Hal Leonard

I Sing Because I'm Happy
00263948 - 2-Part
00124479 - SATB
00154175 - 3-Part Treble
Ain't Gonna Let
Nobody Turn Me Around
00277045 - SATB

00114508 - 3-Part Treble
Amazing Grace
00285971 - 2-Part

See all Rollo Dilworth titles
The Battle of Jericho
08703139 - SATB a cappella
00121748 - SSAA a cappella
00121747 - TTBB a cappella
Elijah Rock
08705532 - SATB

Hear My Prayer
08703308 - SATB a cappella

Ride On, King Jesus
08703296 - SSAA

See all Moses Hogan titles
Still I Rise
00275027 - SATB divisi
08739824 - SSAA
Swing Low (Spiritual Medley)
35032480 - SSA

Walk with Me, Lord
00275035 - SATB

The Word Was God
08738700 - SATB a cappella

08739706 - TTBB
See all Rosephanye Powell titles

Wade in the Water
00232930 - SATB
Steal Away
00265619 - TTBB

Gather at the River
00229996 - SATB

See all Stacey V. Gibbs titles
All My Trials
35032032 - SATB
35032033 - SAB
Mighty Good News!
35031662 - SATB

Psallite Hodie!
00139373 - TTB

See all Victor C. Johnson titles
35031147 - TTBB
00250752 - Instrumental Parts
Jenga Imani Yako
08750933 - SATB

Walk in Jerusalem
00203028 - TTBB

See all Eugene Rogers titles

Additional Selections by African American Composers & Arrangers

Derrick Fox
00248805 - I Am with You (TTB)
00252683 - Jubilate Deo (SATB)
00250271 - Kyrie Eleison (TB)
00140976 - Lord, Give Me Just a Little More Time (SATB)
00144904 - Lord, Give Me Just a Little More Time (SSAA)
50600669 - My Spirit Looks to God Alone (SATB)
50600722 - My Spirit Looks to God Alone (TTBB)

Derrick Spiva, Jr.
00283800 - A Vision Unfolding (SATB)

Stan Spottswood
00153575 - My Cat Skittle (Unison)
00254678 - We Are the Voice (SAB)

Diane L. White-Clayton
00285840 - The Birth of a Promise (SATB)
00244978 - Clap Praise (SSATB)

Brandon Waddles
35030670 - Come and Go to that Land (TTBB)
48024244 - Ride the Chariot (SATB)
48024242 - Sweet Jesus (SATB)
48024243 - They Led My Lord Away (SATB)

Brandon Williams
00244918 - Die Junge Nonne (SSA)
50600446 - Er Ist Gekommen (SSA)
00210352 - Lorelei (3-Part Treble)
00248913 - Plorate Filii Israel (TTBB)
00153447 - Shenandoah (TTB)
00140716 - Svegliatevi Nel Core (3-Part Treble)
00251976 - Var Det En Drom? (SSA)
00286485 - Vedro Con Mio Diletto (2-Part)
00254646 - Winter Wind (SATB)
00254655 - Winter Wind (2-Part)

More Oxford Choral Highlights 2018

Listen to new and recent choral music, secular, sacred & Christmas, from Oxford.