Fretted String Accessories

Foxes stocks a large selection of accessories for both Acoustic and Electric Guitar Players. Here is a sampling of the variety of products and brands that we carry. Please contact us for more information.

D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Martin, Fender, Elixir, Savarez, Augustine, La Bella, Thomastik Infeld, and more

Dunlop, Tortex, Fender, Martin, DAVA, Zookies, Alaska Pik, National and more

Shubb, Kyser, Dunlop

Effects Pedals
Boss, Fender, Electro-Harmonix

Snark, D’Addario, Korg

Plus a large assortment of straps, stands, wall hangers, slides, machine heads, assorted parts, footstools, cables and connectors, Fender pick-ups, gig bags, hardshell cases, cleaning supplies, polish and more.

Pedals and Cables

Capos and Slides
Guitar Strings