Orchestral String Accessories

Foxes carries a large selection of the accessories that Orchestral String players need. Following is a sampling of the products and brands we carry. Please contact us for more details.

Thomastik-Infeld: Alphayue, Dominant, Infeld Red and Blue, Peter Infeld, Vision, Vision Titanium Solo, Versum, Spirocore, Belcanto
D’Addario: Prelude, Helicore, Kaplan, Zyex
Pirastro: Evah Pirazzi, Evah Gold, Perpetual, Tonica, Passione, Obligato, Permanent
Miscellaneous: Warchal Amber, Timbre and Brilliant, Prim, Jargar, Larsen

Andrea, Jade, Millant, Hill, Melos, Bernardel, Pirastro, Larsen, Hidersine, Larica, Lebenzeller, Rockin’ Rosin, Magic Rosin, Pops, Petz, Kolstein, Nyman, Carlson

Shoulder Rests
Kun, Everest, Bonmusica, Mach One, Viva La Musica, Pirastro, Pedi, Playonair, Wolf, Zaret foam cushions, Poly Pads

Wide selection of bows from student to professional level

Huge selection of chinrests, tailpieces, mutes, adjusters, rockstops, parts and more