At Foxes we are committed to helping you keep your instrument in top playing condition. We offer repairs on all band and orchestra instruments, as well as acoustic and electric guitars. We can help you out with everything from minor on-the-spot adjustments to complete overhauls.

If you are renting an instrument from us and have our repair/replacement coverage, all necessary repairs and adjustments will be done at no charge. Many repairs can be handled by our in-store technicians on the premises. If your repair is more extensive and must be sent to one of our specialized off-site repair facilities, we will provide you with a loaner, free of charge. Loaners can also be provided for a small weekly fee to our customers who are not renting from us.

We partner with the following reputable local repair shops, who perform our off-site work and provide regularly scheduled pickups and deliveries:

Woodwinds:                    L&L Music Wind Shop

Brass:                               ATEC Musical Instrument Service

Orchestral strings:         Ludwick's House of Violin

  Yanfu Tong Violin Shop

  Annapolis Bows & Violins

Guitars/fretted strings: Steve Ripley